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Everneath - Brodi Ashton
The beginning of the book had me doubting if I wanted to finish it. I would say I was sceptical till around page 75, and then, then it got a lot better. All of a sudden a book I was 100 pages ago in regular intervals putting down with a bored sigh, I was now unable to put down. Before I knew it I had only 100 pages left. To sum it up: I really liked this book.

There is a lot of romance in this book I would say, but this didn't put me off at all because it was well executed in my opinion.

Nikki is a believable character and I find myself really invested in how she’s doing and what will happen to her. I empathize with her struggles in how to make things right, and at the same time not get too attached since she’s leaving again soon. Especially with her former boyfriend Jack, the tension she feels when around him is palpable.

I also really liked how the focus is on her relationship with her family and friends, and not just focusing on her relationship with Jack. The family and friends can be just as hurt and is just as important.

Cole was one of my favourite characters. Cynical with a softer side you only catch a glimpse of here and there. His draw to Nikki is apparent, the reason for his draw is not always as apparent, which made the book a lot more interesting to me.